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How to Stunt!

I like music videos as much as the next guy.  Shout out to Fiddy.  50 Cent and Eminem know how to rap! Comic stip characters can appreciate Rap music as much as real people can!    

Weasel Breath has put
together the following videos
to help you fulfill your
dream of one day becoming
a real life stunt man.

Intro to Stunt

Weasel Darts

Human Weasel Fireball


These instructional videos were
inspired by the G-Unit song
Stunt 101. The song features
50 Cent rapping the vocals.
To learn more about the life
50 cent, you should read:

50 Cent Bio Facts

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I Love New York T-Shirts
I Love New York T-Shirt
I Love New York Shirts
I Love New York Shirt
I Love NY T-Shirts
I Love NY T-Shirt
I Love NY Shirts
Awesome Videos
I Love NY Shirt
Office Chairs